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Sexually Charged Podcast

Welcome to Sexually Charged!
About Your Host

I started this podcast and website as a means to provide a safe place for people to feel comfortable around the topic of all things sexual. Growing up in a strict Middle Eastern Catholic family, I quickly learned that sex was shameful, and anything related was not to be discussed or tried. I felt like something was missing from me. It took me years of working on me to actually be comfortable with every part of me! Even my sensual and sexual self. After doing that, I felt so free and more empowered! It's not about sex or being promiscuous, it's about being comfortable with that the topic and being able to communicate your needs.


I believe that your sexual self comes naturally when your fears, issues, insecurities, and self-conscious feelings are identified and accepted. We must be comfortable around sex and with sex to be and feel free when it comes to it. The comfort balances the energies within the body and amazing things begin to happen!


I am not a certified psychologist, or sex therapist, or anything with that sort of training. I am a woman who enjoys this type of education and who has found comfort in who I am and what I like. And, for whatever reason, when I have conversations about sex with anyone, I tend to bring out a type of energy that makes them feel comfortable learning about sex and all it’s different pieces. So, I wanted to bring that comfort for everyone to experience. Which is why I started this podcast; to provide a platform where anyone can listen and ask questions they wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable talking to anyone else about.


Once we become comfortable with our sexual selves, our power begins to explode; we get a balance of energies within us! Our bodies and minds become charged by allowing sexual energy to move around within our bodies. This is one way we receive our power. We gain confidence and stand with ourselves. We become our most authentic selves because we are able to accept something about ourselves that is so intimate.


I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast and are able to learn things along with me! If there is anything you would like me to discuss or have any feedback, please feel free to contact me!


Thank you for joining me on this journey and allowing me to learn from you as well!

Sexually Charged Podcast

I wish you many happy orgasms
on your journey to becoming Sexually Charged!

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